March 19, 2010

Do we really need another blog?

No, probably not--but in recent months my interest in amateur radio has been rekindled, and since I have benefited so greatly from the blogs of other amateur radio homebrew hobbyists in these past few months, I decided that perhaps others might benefit from my experiences, as well.

When I was first licensed in 1991 (as NØNZQ), blogging didn't really exist as it does today. Because of the normal requirements of family life and work over the last couple of decades, I've been in and out of the hobby a few times, sometimes allowing years to go by without ever plugging in my soldering iron or turning on a transceiver. When I finally started to get back into radio over the past winter (after a five- or six-year hiatus), I was very pleased to find a wide variety of amateur radio blogs and Web sites that didn't exist a few years ago.

I've done a fair amount of blogging myself, in other areas of interest and profession, so creating a chronicle of my radio and homebrew activities seems like a reasonable thing to do. (I will also benefit from having a digital record of my projects and experiments, so even if no one else ever reads this thing, it should be useful to me.)

So, on the off-chance that someone besides me reads this, thanks for stopping by. I can't promise that I'll be posting every day or even every week, but there will be more to come.

73 de aa0ms


Unknown said...

Hi Doug,

I found your blog from soldersmoke and I added it to my RSS reader. I agree with your comments regarding why to start a blog, but unlike you my blog started when I got my license (february 2010).



Doug, AAØMS said...

Congratulations on your new license, Eric! And thanks for stopping by!

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