March 21, 2010

The AAØMS bench

Okay--to kick this blog off properly, here is a photo of the workbench in my shack. The bench and operating position share a table (I know some would recommend against that, but that's the way my space has to be organized for now). It is a constant struggle to keep it neat enough that there is space for me to work on projects or operate my radios. The photos may not suggest that I'm staying on top of this, but trust me--it's been a LOT worse.

The main rig (an Elecraft K2, #03106) is at the far right, with a Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ sitting on top of it. That's an Astron RS-12A power supply behind it and to the right. On the shelf above it is an MFJ-949D tuner. To the left of the main rig is a Sangean ATS-803a short-wave receiver. At the center left in the photo is an Ugly Weekender I built--my very first homebrew rig, built in 1991. (I'll share some more detailed photos of that rig in a future post.)

Above the SW receiver are some bits of test equipment--an oscilloscope at the top, and a frequency counter and function generator below that.

At last count, I have four different multimeters in the shack--a couple of DVMs and a couple of analog VOMs. I've also built a QRP dummy load, a QRP power meter and a crystal tester--I seem to have accumulated a lot of surplus crystals.

That's the bench--more to follow.

73 de aa0ms

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